The Coming Big Bang Fairytale…Has Arrived

Dark Matter Superhero

The new superhero

by Duane Caldwell

This started with a prediction I made back in 2015. But before we get to the fulfillment, let me give you a little context for the prediction. 

The Big Bang theory has a number of unsolvable problems. Unsolvable, that is,  if you restrict yourselves to the laws of physics. The problems – some of which I’ll review shortly – are so severe they are enough to disprove the theory. But the Big Bang theory is, for all practical purposes, secular religion. It is the origin story for those who refuse to believe the Biblical account. Thus they will not give it up. For any reason. Even if the evidence clearly indicates otherwise.

So what do secular scientists do when the evidence proves the Big Bang to be false? They make up stories. Stories they call science. Never mind they have no evidence for them, can’t test them, and can’t quantify them. Never mind that all they can do is tell us to believe since they cannot prove it scientifically. This, for them is the holy grail of cosmic origin stories, and therefore they’ll not let it go. I mentioned problems with the big bang, so let me give you some examples. 

Some Big Bang Problems

  • The Big Bang can’t explain why the temperature of the cosmic microwave background is so even (uniform to between 1 part in 10,000 and 1 part in 100,000[1]. This is called the Horizon Problem.) Nor can it explain the predicted but missing  magnetic monopoles. So what do they do? They made up a story to explain away the problem. This unproven story is called Cosmic Inflation. (Mohttp://fre on that here.)
  • The Big Bang cannot explain the mystery of galaxies at the farthest reaches of the universe orbiting 10 times faster than expected, as discovered by Fritz Zwicky and Vera Rubin.  Scientists suppose the unexpected high speed is due to unseen matter exerting a force on those fast moving galaxies. How did they explain it? They made up a story. Thus the origin of Dark Matter. Matter that’s out there and exerting a force, but we can’t see it, so it’s “dark.”
  • The Big Bang has problems with internal consistency. With only starlight to work with, scientists have a hard time measuring the age of the universe, and how fast it is expanding. There’s good evidence to suggest their standard methods of measuring star age and distance are riddled with bad assumptions, and unsubstantiated conclusions.[2]Given their current methods of measuring expansion, scientists have two problems: 1) The universe is expanding faster than expected. and 2) The universe turns out to be younger than stars in our own galaxy.   This has been noted by scientists who object to excessive big bang story telling.[3] To fix these two problems Big bang scientists have come up with another hypothetical, unseen, undetectable entity: Dark Energy

So that’s a little background on how Big Bang theorists deal with Big Bang problems – they make up stories or entities to keep the theory alive. Back in August of 2015 I highlighted evidence being investigated and reported on by two separate sets of researchers. The evidence suggests that the earth sits in the center of massive, galactic sized ring of galaxies.  If true this is bad news because the big bang requires that the universe be homogeneous and isotropic. Homogeneous refers to the assumption that matter in the universe is evenly distributed throughout.  Isotropic means that when looking at a sufficiently large scale, the universe should look the same in all directions. So regardless of the direction you look in, the universe should look the same. This is known as the Cosmological principle. But if in fact we are sitting in the center of massive galactic ring of galaxies – that poses problems for the big bang. First, it invalidates the theory because the universe would not be homogeneous and isotropic. Second there would be a structure to the universe that should not be there. The Big Bang – as proposed – does not allow for such a structure.

More importantly than invalidating the theory, such evidence would require an explanation  – if theorist want to keep the theory alive as we know they do. But such an explanation was not part of the theory as it existed at the time. So I predicted scientists would come up with some story to explain these new observations: why there is a structure to the universe, and why – if the initial evidence is correct – the earth is sitting in the center of this structure…


image credit: Superhero by olgabarbaran