Dr. Kevin Anderson, Microbiologist

Dinosaur tissue magnified

Expertise: Organic tissue

The Genesis Movie: Is Genesis History?

Dr. Anderson is currently Director of the Van Andel Creation Research Center, as well as project leader of the Creation Research Society’s iDINO project; an investigation of the preservation of tissue in dinosaur fossils.

He obtained his PhD in microbiology from Kansas State University, and subsequently received post-doctoral training as a National Institutes of Health Post-doctoral Fellow. He has held university professorships, where he taught graduate-level molecular biology classes and served as the major advisor for several master’s and doctoral students.

More recently, he was the director of laboratory research for a biotech energy company. He has published numerous articles in technical journals as well as presented at national and international science conferences.

Movie focus: The implications of soft tissue in dinosaur bones


image credit: Is Genesis History – YouTube