Review: “Unplanned” movie

Pregnancy ultra-scan image

The story of Abby Johnson

by Duane Caldwell

Unplanned [1] tells the story of Abby Johnson, who almost on a lark volunteers to help Planned Parenthood’s supposed mission to reduce abortions and rises to become the director of a Planned Parenthood (PP) clinic. She’s a rising star at PP until she’s confronted with the truth of what abortion actually does.

Perhaps what this movie does best is expose all the lies Planned Parenthood promotes from the “we’re primarily a women’s healthcare facility” to what Abby initially foolishly believes – that the mission of PP is to reduce abortions.  The abortion industry is full of lies of both commission and omission.  This movie does a good job of exposing them all.

The movie is also educational without being overtly academic about it. Embedded in the movie are descriptions of the various types of abortions – with varying degrees of graphical depiction . So a pair of popular lie that Planned parenthood likes to convey to  desperate young women still early in their pregnancy – that it’s just “a clump of cells” and “at this stage they’ll feel no pain” are exposed for what they are – outright unmitigated lethal lies. A couple of a number of lies that are exposed.

But what I like best about the movie is that it has something to say to everyone – whether you’re pro-life or pro-choice even up to infanticide – this movie has a powerful message to you…


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