Dino Troubles

Lingwulong dinosaur

“New dinosaur found in the wrong place, at the wrong time.”

by In His Image

I have been hammering away at the evolutionary timeline in the last couple of articles and was looking to do something else for this article. However, when the evolutionists serve up a softball, it is rude not to hit it hard. In my research preparing for another article, I stumbled on this gem of a headline. “New dinosaur found in the wrong place, at the wrong time.” I could not pass that up so we’re going to discuss a newly discovered dinosaur species from China in this article, and how it defies evolutionary expectations.

The newly discovered dinosaur is called Lingwulong and I am thankful I had to type that and not say it.  It is named for the province in China where researchers uncovered it, called Lingwu.  However, it is not the tongue-twisting name which brought it to my attention. Rather it is where it was found and when evolutionists dated it to that caused me to take a second look.  Lingwulong is a neosauropod or an early version of a sauropod dinosaur in the evolutionary paradigm.  The fossil dated to one hundred and seventy-four million years ago. Laying aside the obvious problems that come from evolutionary dating methods, the date, and the fact it was found in China, raised significant problems for the evolutionist.  The evolutionary prediction was the diplodocus like dinosaurs did not even start to evolve until two hundred million years ago and did not reach China until much later than the one hundred seventy-four million years old this fossil dated as.  Lingwulong should not be where it is found…


image credit: Original artwork inspired by Zhang Zongda