Mutation-Selection in Biblical Perspective

DNA Genetic code mutation

Darwin and Biologic Change

by Dr. Gary Parker

Hold it! Mutation-selection in biblical perspective? Isn’t that some sort of contradiction in terms? Not at all. Like thousands of other scientists (including many evolutionists), I think the scientific evidence is quite clear: Evolution demands an increase in the quantity and quality of genetic information, and mutation-selection, no matter how long you wait, cannot provide it. But, both mutation and selection are very real, observable processes going on around us every day. Evolutionno, but mutation-selectionyes!

They don’t produce evolutionary changes, but mutation and selection do indeed produce changes. Mutations are no real help in explaining the origin of species, but they are great for explaining the origin of disease, disease organisms, and birth defects. Natural selection is no real help in explaining the origin of really new species, but it’s great for explaining how and where different specialized subtypes of the various created kinds “multiplied and filled the earth” after death corrupted the creation and, again, after the Flood.

I’ve already told you that I’m an evolutionist turned creationist, so this may surprise you: I don’t believe we live in the world God created! Or, at least, we don’t live in the world as God created it. I’ve also told you I’m now the “worst kind” of creationist, a “biblical creationist.” One reason is my answer to the same problem that puzzled Darwin: How could there be so much pain, suffering, disease, death, and disaster in a world created by an all-powerful, all-loving God? …


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