More Fossil Forests Found in Antarctica

Ice and snow forest

Some anomalies with the evolutionary story

by David F. Coppedge

The extent of fossil forests buried in the coldest continent on earth continues to grow and astound explorers.

Last November 17, 2017, we relayed findings about fossil forests discovered by Erik Gulbransen’s team in Antarctica, with wood “so well-preserved in rock that some of the amino acid building blocks that made up the trees’ proteins can still be extracted.” Now, National Geographic reports that five new fossil forests have been found. The article is part discovery and part adventure story, as the team endured incredible hardships in “one of the harshest environments on the planet.”

The team is wedded to the view that these fossil forests date to the time of one of evolutionary science’s “mythoids” [a succinctly-stated, plausible-sounding storyette that requires no evidence…], the Permian Extinction. (It’s one of many beliefs that is taken for granted based on the geologic column and belief in slow, gradual, progressive, Darwinian evolution.)  By looking past the adventure parts, questioning the evolutionary parts, and doubting the dates, a perceptive reader can detect some anomalies with the evolutionary story: …


image credit: Fabian Schneiter