“Conservative” news site publishes pro-evolution misinformation piece

National Review Cover May 2019

“Conservatives Shouldn’t Fear Evolutionary Theory”?!

by Paul Price

The National Review is a longstanding conservative news outlet in the United States—but what, exactly, are they trying to conserve? This week, an article was published on their website by Razib Khan, an atheist geneticist who refers to himself as ‘sympathetic to classical liberalism’, by the title of, “Conservatives Shouldn’t Fear Evolutionary Theory”.

In this piece, Khan attempts to put a conservative spin on Darwinism, claiming it is “a crowning achievement of Western civilization and a rejoinder to the modern myths of the Left.” Wow! The atheist Khan employs all the usual tactics here, bringing up the fact that, “many Christians well-versed in evolutionary science find it entirely compatible with their religious beliefs.” Yes, but is it actually compatible with the Bible? That’s the only important question! Why did Khan feel the need to bring up Christianity at all? Was he trying to play to his assumed audience? Khan was brought up a Muslim himself, but he did not feel the need to comment on evolution’s compatibility with the Koran! …


image credit: National Review Cover May 2019