Are the Greenland and Antarctic Ice Sheets old?

Ice Sheet Stop Watch

Old ages of Antarctica based on circular reasoning

by Michael J. Oard

We are constantly bombarded with processes and events claimed to take millions of years. Most of us have heard that it takes coal and oil millions of years to form. The ice sheets on Greenland and Antarctica are also said to be millions of years old. The Greenland Ice Sheet supposedly has been the same size for several millions of years, while the Antarctic Ice Sheet allegedly started growing over 30 million years ago to reach its present size 15 million years ago.

Since the 1960s, scientists have drilled deep into the ice sheets. After the ice is brought up in hollow corers, the scientists measure numerous variables in the ice. From these they have developed a time scale down the core for a little over 100,000 years on the Greenland Ice Sheet and close to a million years on the Antarctic Ice Sheet. It should be noted that they did not actually measure these ages, but inferred them based on their beliefs about the past, as we will see. All the same, in their thinking, these chronologies are considered some of the most accurate.

Some of these variables near the top of the Greenland Ice Sheet record annual layers. So, the accuracy of the dating is said to be in years. From the annual layers, scientists have even claimed that they can count 110,000 annual layers 90% of the way down to the bottom of the GISP2 ice core, like counting the rings in a tree to determine its age.

Ice cores are considered strong evidence against the biblical time scale of around 6,000 years. Some professing Christians have used ice cores as ‘ultimate proof’ that Noah’s Flood was not global.

Is this all true? No, it is not! A little checking of the data and their interpretations reveals this. We need to apply 1 Thessalonians 5:21: “But examine everything carefully; hold fast to that which is good” (NASB). This is my theme verse for research. I am holding fast to the Bible as God’s accurate communication to us and to Jesus as my Saviour and Lord. Then I go beyond the superficial interpretation of the data that the world presents. I have discovered that there is another story to tell based on the biblical worldview…


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