7 Reasons the Multiverse Is Not a Valid Alternative to God: Part 1

Bubble universes artwork

Part One

by Jeff Miller, Ph.D.

The “multiverse” (i.e., the existence of many Universes) has been proposed as a substitute for God to explain the origin of our finely-tuned Universe. The multiverse, however, while not having evidence of its own to substantiate it, also hinges on other theories that have no evidence to support them. It is unscientific by definition. Further, the multiverse does not answer the ultimate question of where everything came from; it admits that naturalism is not true; and ultimately, tacitly admits the existence of God.

If the laws of thermodynamics indicate that the Universe could not have created itself or existed forever, where did the Universe come from? If the laws themselves cannot write themselves into existence, where did they come from? A growing number of naturalists are, ironically, recognizing that there has to be something outside of nature to explain the existence of the Universe. As we have shown elsewhere, there really is no such thing as a naturalist. Unnatural events—things which have not been shown to be able to occur in nature—must have occurred in the past in order to explain the natural realm (e.g., abiogenesis, laws of science writing themselves, matter/energy spontaneously generating, non-designed design, etc., had to occur).

In order to avoid admitting that a supernatural Being exists, the theory being invoked by a growing number of naturalists is that a supernatural (though apparently God-less) realm exists called the multiverse. This multiverse is thought to explain where matter, energy, the laws of physics, and even the “mysterious” examples of “fine-tuning” we see in the Universe came from, all without resorting to the existence of God as the explanation. In the words of cosmologist Bernard Carr of Queen Mary University of London, “If you don’t want God, you’d better have a multiverse.” So, what is the multiverse? Is there evidence for the existence of such a place? …


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