Fossil Bird Uncovered with Unlaid Egg Inside

Artwork of fossil Bird with Egg

Unequivocally reporting on a true bird

by Ken Ham

After examining a fossil left in a box in storage for ten years, scientists made a surprising discovery—this fossilized bird, found in lower Cretaceous sediment, was preserved with her unlaid egg still inside her. There was also evidence of medullary bone, “a calcium-bearing tissue that aids in eggshell formation.” This is strong support for the idea that so-called ancient birds (this one dated at a supposed 110 million years) created and laid eggs in a similar fashion to today’s birds.

The scientific paper on this find, published in Nature Communications, is unequivocally reporting on a true bird. The researchers know it’s a bird, and all the popular summaries of the research mention that it’s a bird. Yet the scientific paper refers to an evolutionary link that dinosaurs allegedly have with birds, from the beginning of the paper right through to the end, with phrases such as…


image credit: Original artwork based on fossil photo by Barbara Marrs and bird illustration by Michael Rothman