The Church of Jedi … Believe It!

Artwork of Jediism symbol and Yoda image

Star Wars creator says all religions are true, so fans invent their own

by Gary Bates

The Force Awakens (another installment of the popular Star Wars movie franchise) has led to a spike in people joining a sci-fi-based religion known as Jediism. Britain’s Daily Telegraph reported that over 1,000 people a day were signing up, even before the movie’s release in December, 2015. While ‘Jediism’ began as a joke, it has gained serious traction. Even as far back as 2012 a UK census found that “it [is] the most popular faith in the ‘Other Religions’ category on the Census and the seventh most popular faith overall.” While adherents acknowledge that their religion is based upon fiction, they claim to seriously follow the man-made spiritual and moral teachings practiced by the characters in the movies. They have asked for official government recognition as a religion…


image credit: Original Artwork based on Yoda image and Jediism symbol