Three Discoveries Mystify Astronomers

Fantasy Planet and Star

Three bizarre discoveries that challenge mainstream ideas

By Brian Thomas, M.S.

Secular astronomers recently described three bizarre discoveries that challenge mainstream ideas of an evolving universe.

The newly discovered massive planet NGTS-1b orbits so near its small faint star and so fast that one orbit lasts only 2.6 Earth days. It has the largest planet-to-companion-star ratio so far discovered. According to University of Warwick News, “Its existence challenges theories of planet formation which state that a planet of this size could not be formed by such a small star. According to these theories, small stars can readily form rocky planets but do not gather enough material together to form Jupiter-sized planets.” But nobody has ever documented a star forming a planet. Thus, the whole idea that stars form planets comes not from observation but evolutionary speculation. One wonders if God, who actually formed all the planets, placed this one in space just to demonstrate what only He could do…


image credit: Fantasy Planet (Daniel Olah) and Sun (Pixaby)