Husband and Wife Both Scientists and Creationists

Artwork of Drs Michael and Shouchin Man

Michael and Shouchin Man.

by Joel Tay

Drs Michael and Shouchin Man are a husband-and-wife scientist couple who not only have exceptional academic credentials, but also head other teams of scientists at their respective world-leading research institutions. These are operated by prominent pharmaceutical and medical device companies in Indiana, USA.

The Mans are also Bible-believing Christians, heavily involved since 2014 in evangelism and church planting, especially among Chinese-heritage college students and young professionals. Despite their full life, they have successfully raised three children, currently all at university.

Both Michael and Shouchin grew up in China but moved to the USA for their graduate studies. Although they were indoctrinated in evolution by the communist education system, both of them are now strong biblical creationists.

Questioning evolution

Michael says,

“I became skeptical about evolution as a graduate student. I was especially puzzled by the lack of indisputable transitional fossils.”

He studied evolutionary biology when he was completing his Masters. He says this was helpful because:

“It opened my eyes to see that evolution is not the factual truth I was so dogmatically taught to believe when I was studying in China. Scientifically, I now regard evolution as an unsubstantiated hypothesis.”

After he received Christ in 1991, he studied biochemistry as a Ph.D. student. As Michael reflected on what he learnt about the three building blocks of life (DNA, proteins, and polysaccharides), he says:

“I realized that it would be impossible for these polymers (molecules composed of many smaller repeated parts) to have evolved simultaneously, and then integrated themselves into self-replicating organisms. This led me to read many books on biochemical evolution, and attend many creation seminars.”

Once he saw the design behind DNA, proteins, and polysaccharides, it was only natural for him to be fully convinced about creation.

Similarly, since Shouchin was never shown another alternative, she grew up believing evolution, even though she never found it to be very convincing. As she says, “The Truth will prevail if one has an open mind.”

Having worked as an analytical chemist for more than two decades after obtaining her Ph.D., Shouchin is now a principal scientist. Her role revolves around setting up quality acceptance criteria for drug products, developing and validating various test methods, and calibrating and qualifying analytical instrumentation. This includes the analysis of methods used in testing isotopes…


image credit: Original artwork from photograph of Drs Michael and Shouchin Man