Darwin Given Credit for Non-Darwinian Observations

School of silver fish

Darwinian evolution is one of the most curious scientific theories ever. 

David F. Coppedge

Darwinian evolution is one of the most curious scientific theories ever. Even un-Darwinian data can be twisted to support it.

Darwinism is modern secular biology’s all-encompassing worldview to explain every observation in biology. But Darwin (using his name as a synecdoche for his modern disciples) is a kleptomanic. He steals observations that have nothing to do with his theory, or even oppose it. Then he twists them into support for his theory. He can’t lose.

Darwinian evolution is supposed to refer to the origin of new species by means of natural selection. That was in the title of Darwin’s book. There are two ways Darwinians can claim that “nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution.” One is to make evolution refer to every change of every kind – no matter what caused it (the Stuff Happens Law). The other way is to redefine “sense” to encompass nonsense. Here we will see examples of both.

Crashing waves may have spurred the evolution of backbones (New Scientist). Crashing waves have no power to create backbones. Besides, most evolutionists believe that the chordate ancestors of vertebrates originated deep in the sea during the Cambrian explosion. For support of his incongruous headline, reporter Lucas Joel leans on Lauren Sallan of the University of Pennsylvania, who examined 3,000 “early” fish fossils. Fish diversity and habitats, however, have nothing to do with Darwinian evolution, unless one is willing to perform divination on bones with the power of suggestion…


image credit: Annie Spratt