Aliens, evolution and the occult

UFO robot

Groundbreaking research

by Gary Bates

This week’s feedback comes from John V. of Australia who comments about Gary Bates’ book Alien Intrusion: UFOs and the Evolution Connection, and Gary replies. His groundbreaking research clearly demonstrates that evolutionary assumptions coupled with the media’s imagination about what alien life might look like have created an almost ‘fever-pitch’ belief that aliens must exist ‘out there’ somewhere.

Informal surveys conducted by CMI have shown that most secular high-school children today believe that there is some kind of evolutionary Star Wars-like ‘force’ behind the universe, and many think that highly evolved and technologically advanced aliens created (or ‘seeded’) life on earth. Just try asking a few teenagers what they believe. Even many Christian youth readily believe in extraterrestrial life. It is a subject that is shaping the worldview of future generations. CMI is the only creationist organisation to have a specialist researcher into UFO claims. The rapid take up of Gary’s book (it’s been an Amazon top-50 best-seller—and one would reasonably assume that it’s mainly non-Christians who buy from Amazon) demonstrates that this is a much bigger area of interest than the Church realises. It’s important for this ministry to be at the front line of another great battleground of deception spawned from evolutionary beliefs.

Dear Gary Bates,
I have had an interest in UFOlogy for decades. As a child I recall reading The Encyclopedia of Unexplained Mysteries packed with documented UFO case scenarios, and as a teenager being an avid fan of the popular television show The X-Files. At the same time as a devout Christian I have had a voracious interest in all things as they relate to the Bible, such as government, economics, jurisprudence, science, medicine, culture and eschatology for instance.

It is good that you balanced your interest in such things by searching the Scriptures (cf. John 5:39). One of the greatest deceptions about the UFO phenomenon is that many people base their worldviews on UFO experiences (which can be very real) alone. However, to be deceived effectively means to be ‘conned’ into believing something that is not true, and the reality is that our very senses can be deceived. The experience itself can become the filter for truth instead of God’s Word, which is the truth. God’s Word is the only source that can truly help us spiritually discern such things (1 Corinthians 2:14)…


image credit: kellepics