The Big Bang Model

Biblical Big Bang?

Incompatible with Biblical Creation

by Spike Psarris

Is the Big Bang good evidence that God created the Universe?

Many Christians seem to think so. But the Big Bang model is actually incompatible with Biblical Creation—for multiple reasons.

First, the Big Bang is the consensus model for the vast majority of secular cosmologists today, and many of these cosmologists are strident atheists.

If the Big Bang really supported the idea of Biblical Creation, then atheists wouldn’t promote the Big Bang model so adamantly.

In fact, many atheists claim that the Big Bang model disproves the idea of a Creator God. This should be an obvious warning to Christians that the Big Bang doesn’t require its adherents to accept the Bible.

Also, the Big Bang model is inconsistent with the Biblical account of history.

Most Christians who embrace the Big Bang model also accept the idea of deep time. They believe that the Universe was created almost 14 billion years ago, then the Solar System formed from a cloud of gas about 4.6 billion years ago, and so on.

But the creation account in the book of Genesis doesn’t support this sequence.

Here are just some of the contradictions between a deep-time view and the Bible…