Creationist Predictions

Creationist Predictions

Numerous predictions that subsequent observation has confirmed

by creationwiki

A common objection raised against creationism, or Intelligent Design for that matter, is founded on its operation and how it is solely based upon assumptions rooted in supernatural explanations (“God did it”), and so makes no predictions with which to test a theory. In fact, much of evolutionary theory includes similarly unfalsifiable assertions regarding origins. While one includes something outside of nature, namely creationism, doesn’t mean it is less scientific in regards to origins.

However, there are many predictions of creationism, that fit current scientific experimentation and observation, which are more easily explained in this way than in an evolutionary explanation. Creation scientists, and creationism as a science, do study the natural world. That study has resulted in numerous predictions that subsequent observation has confirmed.

  1. Junk DNA
  2. Geologic Formation and Time
  3. Celestial body magnetic fields
  4. Rapid Reversals of Earth’s Magnetic Field
  5. Sudden Appearance in the Fossil Record
  6. Limited Genetic Variation
  7. Historical Accounts of Global Flood
  8. Related References…


image credit: Hal Gatewood