Happiness | and a bit of science

Happiness = Science?

Man contrives to replace God with “science.” 

by collinsgw.com

C.S Lewis compiled a series of radio broadcasts he was invited to make during the darkest days of WWII from 1942-1944. The result was his classic book, “Mere Christianity.”

Here he addresses mankind’s age old sin of trying to become his own sovereignty, his own god. Specifically man’s self-conceited thinking of finding happiness within his own sphere, of his own making. Lewis calls it a “hopeless attempt.” And so it is. All evidence bears witness to this fact. His list of end results is of course representative and not complete or exhaustive. Here in 2018 we can add many more results to that list ending in hopeless contrivance, born of fruitless thinking.

It’s telling how the more man’s inventions to replace God fails, the more man adds to the list. The desire to do away with God has become manic and desperate in his frenzy to supplant Him and say “NO God!”

Science, for example, is a gift born of God’s generous bestowal of gifts to man with the ability to reason, explore and discover. And through science much of life on earth in many ways has been improved and sufferings lessened; leading toward a sense of happiness and peace. But how much, really? Technology has reduced laborious task and time consuming labor. But increase happiness? No more than temporary at best, being it provides a placebo with increasingly diminishing returns.

However, in his scurrying to shout louder, “NO GOD!” man contrives to replace God with “science.” Not pure science but a faux science fraught with political purpose, diminished reasoning and increased self-conceited imaginings. And sold at the market place of public opinion as “science.”…