Did Jesus believe Genesis?

Did Jesus Believe Genesis

The importance of understanding what the Bible intends to communicate

by Lita Cosner

R.N. from the UK writes:

I am a 6 day young earth creationist like yourselves, and look forward to reading Jonathan Sarfati’s “The Genesis Account”. I remember reading somewhere that Jesus quoted x amount of times from Gen. 1–11, but can’t remember exactly how many times. When I tried to google it, I came across this article: [deleted per our feedback rules]. This seems to indicate that Jesus quoted Genesis only once, and only related to marriage. Can you clarify this please? Also, I don’t agree with the premise of this article at all. I was wondering what your thoughts on it were.

Lita Cosner, CMI-US, responds:

The Gospels record Jesus quoting Genesis 1–2 once, in Matthew 19:4–5, and the parallel Mark 10:6–7. However, that is the most restrictive way of counting references. Other instances of Jesus referencing Genesis in the Gospels are:

  • Matthew 22:21; Mark 12:17; Luke 20:25—mankind is in the image of God.
  • Matthew 23:35; Luke 11:51—Jesus references Abel as a historical, righteous person, and the first of the martyrs.
  • Matthew 24:37–39; Luke 17:26–27—Jesus compares His coming to the time of Noah’s Flood.
  • Matthew 26:52—Jesus references Genesis 9:6 when he says “Those who draw the sword will die by the sword.”
  • Mark 13:19—Jesus references God creating the world.
  • Luke 10:19—Jesus gives the disciples authority to tread on serpents.
  • John 8:44—The devil is a liar and a murderer ‘from the beginning’

So there are at a minimum 8 significant references Jesus makes to Genesis 1–11. This does not tell the whole story, of course, and most of them only make sense if Jesus is referencing them as history…


image credit: Gerd Altmann