Evidence for Christianity

Absaloms Pillar

Do the research; make a conclusion


  • Absalom’s Pillar (Ronnie Reich, Eli Shukron at ‘Ain Joweizeh spring cave): proto-aeloic capital (monumental royal architecture, pillar of Absalom (2 Sam 18:18)
  • Absalom’s Tomb inscription (Emile Puech, Joe Zias, East bank of Kidron valley): oldest (?) NT passage carved in stone, on Absalom’s tomb, Luke 2:25
  • Ahisamach Inscription (Sania 115) (Doug Petrovich, Egypt): Joseph and his two sons, Ephraim and Manasseh, and “6 Levantines: Hebrews of Bethel, the beloved.”
  • Akeptous inscription
  • Altar of Zeus at Pergamon (Carl Hamann, Turkey): possibly Revelation 2:13
  • Amarna tablets (Egyptian peasant at Tel el-Amarna): diplomatic correspondence between Egypt and Canaan/Amurru during the New Kingdom, Hebrews established in Mesopotamia by early 2nd millennium BC
  • anthropic argument
  • Arch of Titus (southern entrance to the Roman Forum): column of the tenth legion, destruction of the temple in AD 70
  • Atra-Hasis Epic (G Smith, AR Millard, WG Lambert at Babylon, Assyria, Urgarit): ancient near east parallel to Genesis account
  • Avaris; Israel in Egypt
  • axiological argument
  • Babylon was found
  • Babylonian Chronicles (Donald Wiseman, Babylon): Nebuchadnezzar’s reports of first decade as king, extrabiblical record of 597 BC capture of Jerusalem and other historic details
  • Balaam Texts (HJ Franken at Deir alla (Succoth), Jordan): famous seer in Num 22:5
  • Basilica of St John (John T Wood, Ephesus): Tomb of John the Baptist
  • Beersheba horned altar
  • Behistun inscription (Robert Sherley, Sir Henry Rawlinson, Mt Behistun, Iran): historicity of Darius the Great, multilingual account of Persian victory of Babylon and rise of King Darius
  • Belshazzar inscription (Nabonidus chronicle) (Henry Rawlinson at Ur): Belshazzar listed as coregent with King Nabonidus, Daniel 5:29)
  • Bema seat (Broncer, Corinth, Greece): Paul’s tribunal before Gallio
  • Beni-Hasan Tomb painting (Percy Newberry, Beni-Hasan, Egypt): Semites from Canaan entering Egypt as in patriarchal period (Gen 12:10; 37:28)
  • Bethlehem Bulla (Hillel richman, Eli Shukron at City of David, Jerusalem): first (8th-7th century BC) mention of Bethlehem outside the Bible
  • Black Obelisk (AH Layard at Nineveh): Shalmaneser III, King Jehu of Judah paying tribute


image credit: Praisethelorne