Why should anyone be interested in biblical geology?


So What?

by Dr. Tas Walker

Why should anyone be interested in biblical geology? Because geological ideas do not operate in a vacuum. They provide the foundation for our worldview, and our worldview affects us at the deepest level.

You may have never studied geology, and not have much interest in the subject. However, if you believe that this world is millions of years old you have unconsciously picked up significant geological ideas from our culture, and these ideas affect lots of things.

Frank Press and Raymond Siever in their geology textbook, Earth, (1986), explained the worldview of modern geology thus: “As modern geology started gathering momentum through the work of James Hutton and others … there was an obvious return to the old Greek way of looking at things.”

Note, ‘old Greek way of looking at things.’

F. Sherwood Taylor, Curator, Museum of the History of Science, Oxford said the same thing on BBC radio in 1949, “In England it was geology and the theory of evolution that changed us from a Christian to a pagan nation.”

Note, ‘to a pagan nation.’

And that has consequences for you and your family.

Long-age geology basically says that the Bible cannot be accepted as reliable history. So if you can’t believe the Bible’s history, why should you accept the Bible’s morality and salvation? Hence we have seen the collapse of Christian values in the West, in places like the UK and Europe…