Allosaurus—A Creationist’s Best Friend


The full-grown Allosaurus now on exhibit at the Creation Museum

Dr. Andrew A. Snelling

A world-class dinosaur fossil—a 30-foot long, meat-eating Allosaurus—takes center stage at a creationist museum. This announcement last April dumbfounded evolutionists.

“If you are a creationist—if you believe that God created the world in six days, the Bible is a literal history—then fossils are an awkward thing for you,” commented Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. After all, “Fossils are the physical record of living things that died millions of years ago.”

Her comments were typical of media reactions. “Humans and dinosaurs together?” she scoffed, and then said that the belief belongs to “the paranoid fringe.”

Sadly, most Christians don’t even know the truth about dinosaurs. Each year Liberty University, for example, surveys its online students before they take the creation course “The History of Life.” Although many of these students grew up in conservative churches and affirm that the Bible is infallible and Adam was real, when asked if “dinosaurs and man lived at the same time,” fewer than half strongly agree at the beginning of the course (but that number rises to 85% by the end of the term!)

In a world saturated with claims that dinosaurs prove the earth is millions of years old, Christians need ready answers at their fingertips. Properly understood, dinosaurs aren’t “awkward” but our best friends—powerful evidence that Genesis 1–11 is literally true…


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