The Dangers of Compromising with the Big Bang Model

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The Big Bang Model isn’t Good Science

by Spike Psarris

Many Christians are eager to ‘prove’ the truth of the Bible by using scientific evidence.

The Big Bang model is a very popular example of this. Many Christian authors have written books endorsing the Big Bang. And there’s at least one ministry that promotes the Big Bang as a “reason to believe” the Bible.

But this is a very dangerous approach. To justify the truth of the Bible with the Big Bang model is a fatally flawed approach.

Now, it’s true that science, insofar as it discovers the truth about the cosmos, will be consistent with the Bible.

But the Big Bang model isn’t good science. (Indeed, if you’ve seen my third DVD, you’ll know that it’s not even bad science—it’s anti-science, because it denies the fundamental assumptions about the Universe that make science possible.)

And even if the Big Bang seemed to be good science, it would still be dangerous to base our interpretations of Scripture on it, or on any other scientific model.

Scientific models come, and scientific models go. That’s how science works.
If you only trust the Bible because it seems to agree with the current opinions of secular scientists, you’ll be in big trouble when those scientists change their minds and switch to a different model.

We’re already seeing hints of this in cosmology. Many secular cosmologists are unhappy with the Big Bang model, since there’s a large (and growing) amount of scientific evidence against it…


image credit: NASA