Ice Cores Fit with Recent Creation

Ice Core

by Institute for Creation Research

Secular scientists often say that thick ice sheets, like those in Greenland, took hundreds of thousands of years to form. They say each layer represents one year. So all you do is count the layers to get the age, right? Wrong! It’s not that simple.

Ice cores are drilled cylinders of ice that scientists extract from ice sheets like the ones covering much of Greenland or Antarctica. The cores reveal details from beneath the surface, including fluctuating levels of dust and stable isotopes.

By assuming that annual weather patterns cause these fluctuations, secular scientists assert that the hundreds of thousands of fluctuations reveal that ice sheets are hundreds of thousands of years old. This conclusion would challenge biblical history if it were based on straightforward “layer counting,” but this is not actually possible since a wide range of “layers” can be inferred from fluctuating features in the lower sections of ice cores.

Also, secular estimates of ice core “ages” forget that a single storm can deposit several layers that mimic annual fluctuations. Articles in this section uncover errors in “dating” ice cores and show scientific support for ice sheets forming just several thousand years ago.