Famous Geneticist: Humans Are Going Extinct

Genetic Entropy Dr. Sanford

More death by selection will not work

by Sal Cordova

After 40 years of work in genetics and 18 years of research specifically into the question of human genetic degeneration, retired Cornell research professor John Sanford was finally invited by sympathetic staff at the world’s leading medical institution, the National Institutes of Health (NIH), to present his work.

Sanford was once an evolutionist, and few geneticists could boast of (1) having their work involved in feeding starving billions in the 3rd world and (2) having his inventions in the collection of the Smithsonian National Museum of American History. But late in his career, what should have been an instant invitation to speak at the NIH seemed permanently closed. Why? Dr Sanford had become a creationist.

At some point, however, the truth cannot be ignored – especially if it is medically relevant to an audience devoted to human health. And if only to state the obvious that the Darwinian “emperor has no clothes” and to finally speak for those whose voice has been suppressed that “we are dying” as a human race – and that “more death by natural selection will not work” as a solution – John Sanford laid out his case for human genetic degeneration in methodical scientific detail…


image credit: Genetic Entropy book cover