Digging Up the Truth About Dinosaurs

Dino skull

Are dinosaurs proof of millions of years of evolution? Or a reminder of God’s glory?

by Tim Chaffey

Walk into just about any kindergarten classroom and ask the children, “When did dinosaurs live?” In nearly every case, they will respond, “Millions of years ago.”

Regularly repeated in children’s books, television shows, and movies, this refrain of dinosaurs living millions of years ago has permeated our society so thoroughly that the majority of children grow up assuming it’s true.

The evolutionary view of dinosaurs may be the most effective tool secularists use to promote their ideas about millions of years. However, the teaching of evolution and millions of years contradicts the biblical account of creation at numerous points. For example, the Bible reveals that God made all land animals and the first two humans on the sixth day of creation week and that each of these six days was the length of a normal day.

The Bible, God’s inspired Word, also records the world’s true history and timescale. From its genealogies, we deduce that the sixth day was only thousands of years ago. We can conclude then that, according to the Bible, dinosaurs did not live millions of years before humans. Sadly, because our sin brought death and disease into the world, we are ultimately responsible for the extinction of these beasts…