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Human eye

An Eye for Creation

An interview with eye-disease researcher Dr George Marshall: The more I study the human eye, the harder it is to believe that it evolved…

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ice land and sea

Ice Age: Answers to Basic Questions

Answers to basic questions: Was there an Ice Age? Yes. There was a time when glaciers covered large areas of North America and northwestern Europe. Most scientists believe there were several ice ages, but some creationists suspect there was only one Ice Age, with fluctuations that produced the appearance of more than one. Ice caps still remain in Antarctica and Greenland, along with many glaciers in the Northern Hemisphere.

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Evolved human

Did Humans Evolve from Apes?

The two contrasting explanations for our existence—and for apes—have obvious philosophical/faith starting points because neither side can go back in time and observe how everything came into being…

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