New Island Tonga

New South Pacific Island Shows Fast-forming Geology

The new island is thought to be composed mainly of scoria (solidified basaltic lava filled with gas holes) and clearly defined layers of wet ash which were deposited close to the vent and can be observed in pictures taken of the new island. The island also boasts a vast green sulphurous lake. One visitor to the island said, “There are thousands of seabirds—all kinds, laying eggs on the island”…

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Sugar sprinkle 100's and 1000's

Hundreds of Thousands of Species in a Few Thousand Years?

A recent review paper proposed a controversial claim—that the vast majority of animal species arose contemporary with modern humans. Not surprisingly, this claim was met with backlash from the evolutionary community. On what basis did the authors make this wide-reaching claim? Is their assertion true? Furthermore, what ramifications do their data have for the creationist explanation of the origin of species from the originally created min or “kinds”?

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Eye close-up

Gain of Function Mutations: Not Evidence for Evolution

Video: Genetic mutations are occasionally beneficial, activating new functions in living things. These kinds of changes do not support evolution but fit well with biblical creation.

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King Hezekiah seal

Archaeological Evidence for Prophet Isaiah

A stunning discovery by Brian Thomas Recently, Israeli archaeologist Eilat Mazar and her team made a stunning discovery during excavations in Jerusalem. It provides strong

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Digital Artwork

Professor Werner Gitt, Information Science

Dr Gitt is director and professor at the German Federal Institute of Physics and Technology, Germany. He is the head of the Department of Information Technology. He holds a diploma in engineering from the Technical University of Hanover and a doctorate in engineering summa cum laude together with Borchers Medal from the Technical University of Aachen. Dr Gitt has published numerous research papers covering the fields of information science, numerical mathematics, and control engineering….

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