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UFO robot

Aliens, evolution and the occult

This week’s feedback comes from John V. of Australia who comments about Gary Bates’ book Alien Intrusion: UFOs and the Evolution Connection, and Gary replies. His groundbreaking research clearly demonstrates that evolutionary assumptions coupled with the media’s imagination about what alien life might look like have created an almost ‘fever-pitch’ belief that aliens must exist ‘out there’ somewhere…

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Most Common Phrase in Evolution Media: “Earlier Than Thought”

We coined a new word tontologism to account for a bad habit of Darwinians. They frequently say, when evidence goes against their previous beliefs, “we thought” – as if we includes the public…

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Thinking person in sunset

Understanding Death

A straightforward answer is found in Genesis. It provides a correct biblical understanding of history, rather than the false evolutionary one…

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Scientist at work

Science: Instituted by God

True science agrees perfectly with Scripture. Though God’s existence cannot be empirically verified, it can be easily verified through deductive reasoning from the scientific evidence available to us—in the same way forensic scientists use science to investigate events that they did not personally witness…

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Health Physics Cartoon

Dr. of Medical Physics, E. Theo Agard

The natural laws under which scientists work are adequate for explaining how the world functions, but are inadequate to explain its origin, just as the tools which service an automobile are inadequate for its manufacture…

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Genesis 1:1 In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth